In mid-October, my good friend Cassi sent me an email from Jetstar in regards to pecial fares to Japan. Jokingly she had said we should go, and unfortunately, I took her seriously! So along with another friend, Jimmy, we ventured to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Departing November 21 and there for 7 nights, we started out trip landing in Narita the first night followed by taking the Shiakansen bullet train down to Osaka for the next three nights. We headed back to Tokyo Friday and from there ventured to all the suburbs surrounding the great capitol.

Sadly for me, my passport was picked up by Jimmy and I was forced to stay in Japan until my new one arrived followed by heading to the Australian embassy to get it digitally verified with my student visa. So what turned into a 7 day trip, ended up being a 17 day adventure. Hope you enjoy!

Sayonara and arigato!